How to Learn the Alexander Technique

A Manual for Students

by Barbara Conable , William Conable

© 1991, 1992, 1995 Barbara H. Conable and Wiliam Conable. Publ. by Andover Press. Dist. by GIA. Individual copyrights may apply.

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“Filled with powerful insights and original thinking, the Conable book is a superb, practical guide for Alexander students.”

–Michael J. Gelb
author of Body Learning
and founder of High Performance Learning, Great Falls, VA

“Not only does it offer meaty, practical information for students; it also provides valuable insights for teachers … The best explanation of primary control and downward pull that I've yet seen with students in activity … A healthy extension of F. M. Alexander's work.”

–Robert Cohen, ACAT News

“This is a book to read with enthusiasm and attentiveness. It could influence profoundly a teacher's effectiveness with students … A book of immediate usefulness to the performer and teacher, and one which will stimulate productive self-evaluation and awareness. It is persuasive and positive in tone, easy to read, and wonderfully enticing.”

Thomas Mastroianni, American Music Teacher

This book is a classic, now nationally distributed by GIA Publications. It is the primary reference for anyone interested in learning the Alexander Technique, written by perhaps the leading authority in the United States. 

Categories: Method, Pedagogy, Skill Building

Number of Pages: 168

Language: English

Format: Softcover