Dog Tags

Adventures with Music - Book 2

Paul Kimpton , Ann Kaczkowski Kimpton

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Series: Adventures in Music


A young boy and his faithful dog face a big decision. Dale Kingston isn’t your average boy.

He saved the Conn musical instrument factory from burning to the ground in Book One of the Adventures with Music series.

In Dog Tags, Book Two in the Adventures with Music series, Dale faces a big decision: World War II is in full swing, and he wants to do his patriotic duty. But Dale is only twelve years old. How can he help America? His dog, Scout, provides the answer when his master hears about the U.S. Army’s Dogs for Defense program. Dale loves his pet, but he knows Scout would do his country proud by serving as an animal courier for American troops at war. Should he enroll Scout in the program?

Along the way, Dale begins trumpet lessons as his school forms a band for the first time. He loves the Andrews Sisters and their hot new song, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. His dream is to play that solo for the popular trio. Could that dream come true?

Dog Tags, the second volume in the Adventures with Music series, answers these questions and more in a story told from the heart that will inspire young readers everywhere.

Excerpt from the book...
The instruments arrive and the students have their first band rehearsal, but Dale has his mind on other things.... Grandpa knelt down and looked directly into Dale's eyes. "This is a very brave thing you're doing for your country son. You're making the biggest sacrifice any boy can make by volunteering your dog for the military." Breaking free from his grandfather, Dale ran to Scout and gave him one last deep hug. He whispered, "Do your best, Scout. I love you!"
Paul Kimpton grew up in a musical family and was a band director in Illinois for 34 years. His father Dale was a band director and professor at the University of Illinois, and his mother Barbara was a vocalist. When Paul is not writing, he is reading or enjoying the outdoors.

Ann Kimpton played French horn through college and went on to be a mother, teacher, and high school administrator. Her parents, Henry and Maryalyce Kaczkowski, both educators, instilled an appreciation for the fine arts and the outdoors in all of their children. 

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