Dictionary of Music Education

A Handbook of Terminology

Mark Ely

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This landmark book provides students, teachers, professionals, and practitioners with a quick, easy-to-use reference for music education terminology.

Music education is a broad-based discipline, using words and phrases from many areas of study, including psychology, sociology, physics, anatomy, philosophy, research, technology, and general education. For the first time, authors Mark C. Ely and Amy E. Rashkin bring together all of the significant vocabulary a music educator is likely to encounter into one convenient reference.

All definitions are concise yet comprehensive, and many are illustrated. This book also serves as a fascinating panorama of the breadth and depth of the music education profession. It will save time for anyone doing research.

Opening the book to a random page will yield incredible nuggets of information. Additional sections in this dictionary list textbooks and references by subject area, professional journals and magazines, Web sites, and organizations and associations.

The Dictionary of Music Education is a major contribution to the profession and an incredible resource for anyone who cares about teaching music.

Mark C. Ely is Professor of Music at the University of Utah, where he is Director of Music Education and Saxophone Performance.
Amy E. Rashkin is an attorney with a private practice in Salt Lake City, Utah. She holds a master’s degree in music education and continues to be involved in music and music education as a performer and adjudicator.

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