Cross Generation

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The church is forever creating new sounds and new songs!
New composers are developing a new repertoire in a fresh
contemporary style, and GIA is proud to contribute to
this creative energy and effort with the publication of
Cross Generation.

We gathered a committee of distinguished pastoral
musicians who combed the popular resources available
today and chose the very best songs currently in use in
contemporary worship settings.

But Cross Generation is more than just a collection of
terrific music: it is a truly effective tool to assist worshipers
and seekers alike in the ongoing process of catechesis.

This songbook includes great music by established
writers like Tony Alonso, John Angotti, Steve Angrisano,
John L. Bell, Tom Booth, Ed Bolduc, Rory Cooney, David
Haas, Marty Haugen, Paul Tate, Lori True, and more.

In addition, there is a broad range of exciting new songs
from budding composers like Shannon Cerneka, Chris
de Silva, Orin Johnson, Michael Mahler, and Paul Melley.
“Heritage” music—classic examples of chant, hymnody,
world music, and early American folk tunes—will broaden
and deepen our insight into faith and history.

And the brilliance of Cross Generation comes through the
succinct yet meaningful explanations and quotes placed
throughout the book, connecting the music to the liturgical
seasons, our sacraments and rites, and our venerable

Add in the signature GIA indexes and cross-references,
the convenient supplemental editions, the affordable
price, and the eye-catching design—and the result is a
truly groundbreaking contemporary music resource.

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Number of Pages: 380

Separate Instruments: Keyboard, Guitar

Language: English; Latin; Spanish

Edition Format: Softcover

Copyright: © 2009 GIA. Individual copyrights may apply. Published with the approval of the Committee on Divine Worship, USCCB.