GIA WindWorks Series

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Ford • McCarthy • Abe • Higdon • Goto

Since the inception of the projects, composers, conductors, music critics, and connoisseurs worldwide have praised the recordings conducted by Eugene Migliaro Corporon for their innovation, excellence, and professional standards. These exceptional videos and compact discs identify and preserve the standard repertoire and globally encourage composers to contribute to the ever-growing legacy of great music that has the power of universality. The breadth and variety of the discs highlight the fact that the wind symphony, in its many forms throughout hundreds of years of music history, has been and continues to be a significant original medium for serious aesthetic expression. The projects have yielded more than 100 discs that showcase the creative energy of thousands of world-renowned composers and gifted musicians. Winds magazine offers the following regarding the body of work: “This series has immense historic value in documenting the best of the well as providing much sheer listening (and viewing) pleasure for the level of artistry in the performances. The acoustic quality of the recording is state-of-the- art...All of the works are superbly realized and worthy of exploration...these discs represent the standards to which all must aspire.”  


1. Stubernic Fantasy (2012) • Mark
Ford (b. 1958) • (13:04) Copyright © Innovative Percussion • Mark Ford, Paul Rennick, Sandi Rennick – Marimba Soloists

Chamber Symphony No. 1 for Marimba

(1993) • Daniel McCarthy (b. 1955) • (16:03) Copyright © C. Alan Publications

2. Deer Hunting in Michigan (4:07) 3. Harmonic Rhythms (4:33)
4. The Stuff of Adventure (7:23)

Mark Ford – Marimba Soloist

5. Prism Rhapsody II (1996) • Keiko Abe (b. 1937) • (15:54) Copyright © Xebec Music • Mark Ford, Keiko Abe – Marimba Soloists

6. Percussion Concerto (2009) • Jennifer Higdon (b. 1962) • (25:21) Copyright © Lawson Press • Mark Ford – Percussion Soloist

7. Ruffles Call from Afar (2013) • Yo Goto (b. 1958) • (10:26) Copyright © C. Alan Publications • Mark Ford – Snare Drum Soloist

Total Time (70:22)


Edition Format: CD


Stubernic Fantasy — Mark Ford 13:04
Deer Hunting in Michigan — Daniel McCarthy 4:07
Harmonic Rhythms — Daniel McCarthy 4:33
The Stuff of Adventure — Daniel McCarthy 7:23
Prism Rhapsody II — Keiko Abe 15:54
Percussion Concerto — Jennifer Higdon 25:21
Ruffles Call from Afar — Yo Goto 10:26