Classic Leadership - Teacher's edition with DVD

A Curriculum for the Development of Student Leaders

Tim Lautzenheiser

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"The kids that go through the Classic Leadership program are much further ahead when the season starts than those trained in the old-school leadership style and authority-based pecking order. This book should open the eyes of so many more teachers and students who Tim Lautzenheiser can’t manage to reach in person each year, and that is such a good thing."
—Robert Floyd, Texas Music Educators Association Executive Director


Classic Leadership is the first published leadership curriculum specifically designed for high school students, written by Tim Lautzenheiser, one of the most respected and sought-after experts on leadership development at the high school level.

Any organization can benefit from this remarkable compilation of time-tested leadership concepts certain to bring a high level of success. Classic Leadership is a treasure map that avails the aspiring young leader to the endless benefits of servitude leadership.

Classic Leadership contains 12 weeks of lesson plans, activities, games, discussion items, and homework activities, all drawn from Tim’s work with more than two million young people over the past three decades. The included DVD (for teachers only) is a step-by-step guide to the activities, featuring high school students in action.

"After looking through, it is a book every high school teacher should use in their programs."
— Mark Lane, President, Northwest Division NAfME

Research shows that servitude leadership abilities are not innate but, instead, can be developed and refined with persistent practice and worthy intention, just like other life skills. Classic Leadership provides a great platform for high school students to sequentially build a palate of leadership skills certain to last a lifetime.

The companion Classic Leadership Workbook (see below for ordering information) will help students organize their own leadership thoughts and visions, and it will serve as a helpful guide and reference for years to come.

Classic Leadership is destined to become a powerful contribution to those willing to go the extra mile for the benefit of everyone. Enjoy the proven wisdom of a master educator, author, leader—and above all, take the lead!

"Tim Lautzenheiser's latest opus is a masterpiece. And that's because he's taken his theories of leadership, eloquently described in his previous books, and translated them into a step-by-step, how-to guide. For the first time, teachers, administrators and coaches can develop effective, clinically-tested, no-nonsense "leadership" lesson plans, based not only Tim's remarkable book, but also the demonstration DVD that accompanies it. Curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular programs of all kinds can incorporate one, two or several modules from Tim's book and enhance the leadership capacity of students....with both immediate AND long-lasting results."
— Michael Kumer, Principal of BoardsMTO

Tim Lautzenheiser is a trusted friend to anyone interested in working with young people in developing a desire for excellence and a passion for high-level achievement. He presently serves as President of Attitude Concepts, Inc., and Vice President of Education for Conn-Selmer, Inc. He spends most of the year in high schools across the U.S. and the world developing a future generation of servant leaders.

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