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The Legacy of Dr. I-to Loh

I-to Loh

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With the ever-increasing Asian presence within American Christian communities, church musicians who serve these communities will do well to explore the musical roots of the diverse cultures represented therein. To date there has been no tool to assist in this musical study that approaches the accessibility, diversity, comprehensiveness and appeal of this DVD recording of the great teacher, I-to Loh, at work.

Experience the beauty of indigenous hymnody from China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, Philippines and other Asian cultures, each with their unique scales,  melodic structure, ornamentation and accompaniment styles. Though sung primarily in English, some pieces incorporate easily sung phrases in original languages, printed phonetically. The scores for all of the music taught and performed on this DVD are included in a set of downloadable PDF files. These may be reproduced without further permission for study purposes. To reproduce multiple copies for performance, go to,  or contact the publisher.

“First came Sound the Bamboo—music on paper from the pioneering work of I-to Loh across Asia.  Then came its hymnal companion, giving us more of his thinking, with wisdom, stories, and passion.   And now, the next best step: a DVD with songs come to life in sight and sound with teaching by I-to Loh.  The testimonies also will inspire those who seek the unity of the church by honoring these treasures from the East that will bless churches everywhere.”

Emily R. Brink
Senior Research Fellow
Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

Format: DVD