Choral Conducting/Teaching - DVD

Real World Strategies for Success

Sandra Snow


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On this extraordinary DVD, master conductor Sandra Snow outlines a new
paradigm for choral teaching and rehearsing within performance-based classes.

Through emphasizing how to develop teaching strategies from the podium, Dr. Snow presents a systematic, pragmatic approach to:

  • Developing diagnostic rehearsal strategies
  • Capitalizing on teachable moments in rehearsal
  • Productive score study
  • Unlocking imagination in teaching
  • Formulating a personal yet authentic interpretation of a piece
  • Planning rehearsals based on one’s individual musical interpretation
  • Increasing keyboard skills for rehearsal
  • Learning how to listen to one’s choir with discriminating ears
  • Empowering a student’s full musical potential

The heart of this DVD features 38 mini-rehearsal segments of Dr. Snow,
Jonathan Reed, and colleagues teaching and leading a variety of mixed, women’s,
and men’s choirs at the high school and college levels. These segments model how to
continually analyze and respond to the sounds being produced by an ensemble.

Extensive, full-color animated graphics support the score study and analysis
sections of this DVD, as well as the helpful, step-by-step demonstrations of the process
of improving keyboard and perceptive listening skills.

For any practitioner of the choral arts, this DVD takes a groundbreaking approach to the role of the conductor/teacher, helping to bring true growth to the musicianship of choral singers.

Sandra Snow is Associate Professor of Music Education and Choral Conducting at the Michigan State University College of Music. She is a nationally known choral clinician, conductor, and music educator.

Jonathan Reed is Professor of Music and Associate Director of Choral Programs at the Michigan State University College of Music.

Format: DVD