Grade 6

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This work requires the performers to maintain control over a very wide range of dynamics, which must be sustained over long passages.

Eugene Corporon is quoted regarding the composition:

Ceremonial is a monothematic composition in which a single, extended melody is repeated ten times during the course of the work. The melody, first stated by a solo bassoon, is subsequently played by various combinations of instruments, always increasing in density and in complexity of timbre. This latter quality is the central concern of the work, which employs unusual and unconventional mixtures of instrumental groups—sometimes in extreme registers— in order that the melody is continuously transformed. Each statement of the melodic theme is separated from the next by a dense harmonic idea, which serves to interrupt the forward motion of the melodic and rhythmic flow. At the outset, both harmonic and melodic ideas float free of any discernible meter or pulse. As specific rhythmic ideas are introduced and accrue in the percussion section, the music gradually takes on a regular pulse, which propels it to its concluding climax. The mood and pace of the music is comparable to a ceremony which gradually, deliberately, and inevitably moves through its rituals.


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