Catholic Corner: Children's Bulletins (Digital) - Digital Subscription

Digital Children's Bulletins - English 26+

Item #: S-eCB2+     Status: Available

Digital Subscription for $200.00 per year for first subscriber, $200.00 for each additional subscriber.


This is the Digital Subscription option for a Full Year of Catholic Corner Children's Bulletins.

Catholic Corner and Somos Católicos provide children with an interactive and informative way to learn about their faith. Both are available as a weekly bulletin for your assembly, school, or religious education program.

Subscribing to the online editions will provide you with the same features as the print subscription, but cost you less! You choose how many copies of the bulletin you want each week and print from your home or office computer. No waiting for the bulletins to arrive in the mail, no additional shipping costs

  • 4 pages per issue
  • 8 x 10-inch size
  • Save up to 33% of the cost compared to printed bulletins
  • No shipping or handling fees

Format: Digital Subscription