Canticum novum

by Anthony Ruff

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Text Source: <i>The Revised Grail Psalms</i>; <i>NAB</i>; <i>NRSV</i>

Music Source: Modern Solesmes editions; psalm tones of English verses from St. Meinrad Archabbey

Number of Pages: 230

Difficulty Level: E/M

Vocal Forces: Unison

Language: English; Latin

 From renowned chant expert and scholar Anthony Ruff, OSB, comes an incredible collection of Gregorian chant for choirs. The book contains 100 hymns and antiphons with psalm verses for every season and occasion. Word-by-word English translations of the Latin responses are provided to aid the singers’ understanding. The psalm verses are in Latin and English on facing pages with easy-to-follow pointing to match the psalm tones. The English psalm verses are from the Revised Grail Psalms. A demonstration recording of chants from Canticum novum is also available. This disc provides a very helpful model of singing these chants, while representing the broad range of chants in the complete collection. This groundbreaking work is sure to become a foremost resource for teaching and learning chant.