By Name I Have Called You

John Angotti

Arranger: Paul A. Tate

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** GIA no longer publishes nor sponsors the work of Paul A. Tate. 

Pieces for which Tate served as an arranger remain on our website as the original work of the composer. 

From the music collection and CD titled, Common Ground.

Liturgical: OT 33 Year C, OT 8 Year B, OT 7 Year B, OT 3 Year B, easter 5 Year A, OT 29 Year A, OT 21 Year C, advent 1 Year B, OT 2 Year B, OT 14 Year B

Topical: Ministry, confirmation, commission or ing, comfort and Consolation, comfort, baptism, consolation, discipleship, faith, initiation

Format: Octavo