Bringing Music to Life

Barry Green

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Series: Inner Game


New insights from the author of the classic book, The Inner Game of Music

Green has through his illuminating books become a beacon for musicians who wish to reach their true potential in performance and learning.

—Mary Nemet, reviewer
Australian String Association online journal
This is not a book to read, it is a book to live. Bringing Music to Life can launch your courage, vision, and vitality.

—from the Foreword
by Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect®
While any musician might find this book fascinating, it could find its most appreciative audience among those musicians who feel stale in their music making, and among teachers searching for new ideas to energize and inspire their students. One can only be moved by Green's passion to change lives, his eagerness to share his recent discoveries with readers. The result is an energizing, joyful, persuasive, and spiritual read.

—from review by Nancy Bjork for ASTA
I am weeping a bit, Barry, after reading your book… What an amazing essay—so sensitive and real. Your quest and profound curiosity about life, art, nature, and the spirit is simply a triumph of ideas, research, and most of all kindness! Blessings and love to a great inspirational human.

—David Darling, Grammy-nominated cellist, Director of Music for People

World-class bassist and best-selling author Barry Green has spent his life learning and showing others how to bring music to life. In this innovative, imaginative text he shares what he has discovered since his groundbreaking book, The Inner Game of Music, inspired over 250,000 musicians to reach their potential in performance and learning.

Three distinct sections delve deeply into the methodology, techniques, and inspiration required to energize and enliven music making for amateurs and professionals alike. Green reaches inside to recount life-changing experiences and outside to friends and fellow musicians who have discovered how to create joy and excitement in performance.

A stimulating series of activities and reflections using YouTube video clips helps the reader take Green’s ideas and concepts off the page and put them into action. Imagine singing, conducting, playing, moving, and shaking with violinist Joshua Bell, Tito Puente (the king of Latin music), symphony conductors Leonard Bernstein and Gustavo Dudamel, and even soaring along with Martin Luther King, Jr. during his “I have a dream” speech!

Barry Green served as Principal Bassist of the Cincinnati Symphony for twenty-eight years. As former Executive Director of the International Society of Bassists, he is currently directing a young bassist program for the San Francisco Symphony Education Department, teaches privately, and is the organizer of the Northern California Bass Club.Additional information about Barry Green, his current activities, calendar of appearances, and more is available at 

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