Blest Are We Song Book for Grades 1-8

Including liturgical selections from Gather Comprehensive, Second Edition

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This ground-breaking new collection for young people, grades K–8, features all the music found in the Silver Burdett Ginn school catechetical series, Blest Are We. All music (grades 1–6) found here will be included in the new hymnal, Gather Comprehensive, Second Edition. Using Blest Are We music in classrooms and religious education settings is a great unprecedented way to connect youth activities to the larger Sunday Eucharist.

This program includes an eight-CD set which includes both fully performed tracks as well as instrumental backing tracks for each song. There are also bonus meditation and catechetical tracks—perfect for classroom learning!

CONTENTS: Blest Are We  - We Praise You DAMEANS - Come All You People ARR. BELL - He Came Down ARR. BELL - If You Believe and I Believe ARR. BELL - Laudate Dominum BERTHIER - You Have Put on Christ HUGHES - Psalm 51: Be Merciful, O Lord HAUGEN - Go and Listen to the Word of God BATASTINI - Eat This Bread BERTHIER - Celtic Alleluia O'CARROLL / WALKER - We Are One ARR. FOSTER - Jesus, Heal Us - Gather Round This Table HAUGEN - Jubilate Servite BERTHIER - Bring Forth the Kingdom HAUGEN - All You Works of God HAUGEN - Blest Are They - O Breathe on Me, O Breath of God GAELIC HYMN - Hands of Healing HAUGEN - Song of the Body of Christ  - The Lord's Prayer CHANT - Sing Out, Earth and Skies HAUGEN - Who Calls You by Name - I Am the Bread of Life / Yo Soy el Pan de Vida TOOLAN - The Hand of God - The Summons BELL - I Say Yes / Digo Sí, Señor PEÑA - Wade in the Water SPIRITUAL - Let Us Go Rejoicing JONCAS - We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder SPIRITUAL - Creator of the Stars of Night CHANT - With You by My Side - Come, Emmanuel ALONSO - We Are the Hope TATE - In Remembrance of You TATE - Hold Us in Your Mercy: Penitential Litany COONEY/DAIGLE - Send Us Your Spirit - Hope at the Crossroads MAHLER - We Are Called - Give Us Your Peace MAHLER - I Have Been Anointed ROSE WARNER - Shelter Your Name ROSE - Send Down the Fire HAUGEN - We Have Been Told  - Gloria CHANT - Glory to God (from Mass of Creation) HAUGEN - Come to the Table ALONSO - God Is ROSE - Set Your Heart on the Higher Gifts WARNER.

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