Blest Are Those Who Love You - Volume 1

Music for the Wedding Liturgy


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This is our first offering in response to the recently revised Order of Celebrating Matrimony. Each of the seven wedding psalms for use in the marriage liturgy is presented in three distinct musical styles. The first is a lyric-contemporary setting as found in the Alonso/Haugen The Lyric Psalter. The second features a refrain and tone composed by Michel Guimont. The third utilizes the classic Gelineau format. The official translation of the Revised Grail Psalms, the sole translation published in the rite of marriage, is used for all 21 psalms within. The collection also contains ten alleluias and Lenten gospel acclamations with the full complement of gospel verses for weddings.

Number of Pages: 62

Topical: Wedding

Recommended Occasions: Marriage

Edition Format: Spiral