Be Thou My Vision

Grade 4

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Gillingham states:

The work is heartfelt, expressive, and hopefully inspiring. The hymn tune, Slane, is one of my favorites and inspired me to compose a countermelody which is likened to an old Irish ballad. Since Slane is, in fact, an old Irish ballad, the two tunes share this unique camaraderie. The work is a sort of “fantasy” on the hymn tune and presents it on two levels: one mysterious and the other dramatic. The piece opens with a medieval-like flavor of reverence leading to the first presentation of Slane. This is followed by the newly composed Irish ballad, which is “sung” by the flute. This leads to a dramatic statement of Be Thou My Vision. The work is interrupted by a prayerful interlude. Following is the marriage of the two Irish tunes that grows to a glorious climax and then subsides. An ascent into heaven closes the work.


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