Audiation Assistant 2.0 CD-ROM

by Bruce Dalby

Item #: CD-810     Status: Available

CD for $35.00

Audiation Assistant is a drill-and-practice software program for learning sequence activities. A variety of exercises allow the user to listen to, respond to, and evaluate tonal and rhythm patterns generated by the software.

Features include:

  • Practice exercises at five Music Learning Theory skill levels.

  • Tonal patterns in four tonalities, all keyalities, and as many as nine tonal functions.

  • Thousands of rhythm patterns in nine meters and five rhythm functions.

  • Quizzes to measure audiation skill development progress.

  • Difficulty levels that are easily customizable, from basic to advanced.

  • Easy-to-navigate interface.

A stand-alone program of audiation development, but can also be used in conjunction with Jump Right In: The General Music Series or Jump Right In: The Instrumental Series.

Usable by music students of all levels; also ideal for teachers wanting to improve their audiation and pattern delivery skills.

New features for Version 2.0 include:

  • Updated for Mac OS X

  • Ranges—with appropriate transpositions—implemented for treble and bass clef voice, child’s voice, guitar, and instruments of the band and orchestra

  • Display or hide rhythm beat highlight

  • Display or hide chord symbols

  • Display note names

  • Hold on a given pattern in a sequence

  • Program Help in a separate window

Compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS X.

The version of Audiation Assistant on the Audiation Assistant CD does not work on Mac OS 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain lion. For replacement files go to and click Downloads.

Also available - CD-810B - Audiation Assistant - Set of 5($139.95) and
CD-810S - Audiation Assistant - Site License($350.00)

To download a free demo version of Audiation Assistant 2.0, go to and click the Downloads button.