Arts Awareness

A Fieldbook for Awakening Creative Consciousness in Everyday Life

Patricia Hoy

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Arts Awareness explores how to apply the tools of arts professionals—imagination, practice, focus, point of view, expression, and more—to all areas of the arts and daily life.

Drawing from her experience as a performer, arts administrator, and university band director, Patricia Hoy shares stories that demonstrate how experiences in the arts can lead to enhanced communication, more informed decision-making, and creativity. She introduces seven strategies designed to stimulate one's imagination and creative power.

Arts Awareness is for educators who want to succeed and help their students thrive. It is for administrators and leaders at all levels who would consider using the basic principles of artistic expression as a foundation for guiding themselves and others. It is for parents, arts advocacy groups, and lobbyists. It is for artists who want to reconnect with the love of what they do. And it is for those in organizations who face the difficult task of decision-making in a rapidly changing world.

Arts Awareness shows a dynamic path forward. Ultimately, this book will help foster a stronger position for the value of arts in twenty-first century education.

Check out Dr. Hoy's YouTube channel for Arts Awareness: Arts Awareness

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Number of Pages: 268

Format: Softcover