Apprenticed to Christ - Book

Activities for Practicing the Catholic Way of Life

Jerry Galipeau

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Inspired by the principle that one learns how to be a Christian by doing what Christians do, Apprenticed to Christ provides catechists with ideas and resources for the "apprenticeship" of catechumens, candidates, and others participating in parish religious formation. This hands-on method, the Church's preferred approach for the catechumenate, is presented in a systematic, easy-to-use format based on the Liturgy of the Word for Sunday Mass, with activities suggested for each Sunday of the three-year cycle of readings. Recommended catechetical resources including the Catechism of the Catholic Church, conciliar documents, papal encyclicals, liturgical documents, and more help to link each suggested activity with the teaching of the Catholic Church. A fresh and fruitful approach for those who work with catechumens, candidates, confirmation preparation, and both youth and adult religious formation. Evocative art by Paula Wendland.

Seasonal: OT, lent, christmas, advent

Topical: RCIA, initiation, christian Life

Language: English

Format: Book