Advanced Measures of Music Audiation CD-ROM

(Grade 7 to Adult)

by Edwin E. Gordon

Item #: G-3372CDROM     Status: Archived


The Advanced Measures of Music Audiation (AMMA) is a valid music aptitude test for college students (both music majors and nonmajors), high school students and junior high students. The entrie test takes less than 20 minutes to complete and yields tonal, rhythm and composite scores.

AMMA is crucial in helping music teachers adapt music instruction to the individual needs of their students. Students do not need to be able to read music or have prior music instruction to take AMMA.

The AMMA CD-ROM is self-scoring and is intended for use on a single computer. A five pack version to be run on up to five computers is available (G-3372CDROMB) at a 20% discount. A Site License may be purchased (G-3372CDROMS) which gives you 10 copies and may be loaded on an unlimited number of computers.

Edwin E. Gordon is Research Professor at the University of South Carolina and is the world's leading researcher in the music aptitude field.

Note: The CD-ROM version is designed to completely replace the paper version of the test. The CD-ROM is installed on a computer, and students are rotated to that computer on an ongoing basis to take the test. The test is identical to the paper version, but the computer tabulates the scores. The main difference is that the students must be in front of a computer to take the test. The CD-ROM is not a networked program, but all of the test scores can be exported to a spreadsheet or database and compiled onto a single computer. The CD-ROM is offered in single-user, five-computer, or site-license versions. The site license allows the program to be installed on as many computers as necessary for a single institution.

System requirements: Microsoft Windows running Windows 98 with 64 MB of RAM; Windows 2000, XP or Vista with 128 MB of RAM; Mac OS X with 128 MB of RAM, using Mac OS X v.10.1.5 or higher (Contact GIA for a free update for Mountain Lion compatibility).

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