Advanced Duets for Snare Drum - Book

Garwood Whaley

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Advanced Duets for Snare Drum is a collection of 15 artistically-composed works for performance during recitals, examinations, band and orchestra concerts, percussion ensemble performances, solo and ensemble festivals or simply as a means of developing musicianship and ensemble skills. The duets feature a diverse assortment of techniques including a variety of time signatures, mixed meters, metric modulation and an extensive use of dynamics.

Audio Tracks

  • Both duet parts will be heard by playing the audio track through both channels
  • By playing only one channel (turning one speaker off), only one part will be heard providing a duet accompaniment to the other part
  • Two different pitched snare drums are used to distinguish one part from the other
  • An outstanding musical interpretation is provided by the artistic playing of percussionist Audrey V. Adams
  • Each duet is preceded by 8 beats

Snare Duet Audio Downloads

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Number of Pages: 36

Format: Book