A Holy Mosaic: Love, Diversity, and the Family - Book

Michael O'Neill McGrath OSFS

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A Holy Mosaic illustrates selected inspirational messages from Pope Francis on love, diversity, and the family, accompanied by colorful visual impressions. Those familar with the striking style of Brother Mickey McGrath's art are captivated by the energy and vitality on each page, making these quotations memorable in the hearts and minds of the reader.

Mickey adds his own introduction to each of the three chapters in the book. He writes from personal experiences that helped form and shape his life. The words of Pope Francis.inspire each piece of art and each page can be a meditation to kindle an outlook of love toward all people, with their differences forming a beautiful mosaic of humankind.

A Holy Mosaic inspires readers to look at the world through the eyes of compassion to meet those who are marginalized, and to rediscover the joy of life found in everyday moments. It is sure to be a favorite of everyone at any age who picks it up.

Format: Book