Hymns for Healing

All of us who serve and work in the church are looking for ways to help our communities deal with the grief, outrage, and disappointment over the recent media coverage regarding sex abuse within the Roman Catholic Church, the cover-ups, and the failure of our church leadership to decisively act on behalf of these innocent victims. As we search for ways to heal and serve one another and in the interest of pastoral care, GIA offers free use of the following texts and songs through November 1, 2018. We realize that this gesture can offer only a small measure of comfort. However, we know that music can often communicate our emotions in ways words alone cannot express, and that our voices raised together in righteous anger, petition, and prayer can be powerful. It is our hope you will find these songs helpful in your efforts to heal the wounds sustained in this latest onslaught.

"Give Us a Voice"
From In Wind and Wonder (G-6861) by Mary Louise Bringle - DOWNLOAD

"Take Courage and Trust Your Creator and Friend"
From Dancing in the Universe (G-3833) by Ruth Duck - DOWNLOAD

"We Sing for Those Whose Song Is Silent"
From Known Unknowns (G-9247) by John L. Bell - DOWNLOAD

"In Words of Truth"
From Assembled for Song, Volume 2 (G-9402) by Adam M. L. Tice - DOWNLOAD

Permission to reproduce the above works free of charge is granted through November 1, 2018.

If you would like to report your usage of the above songs, visit onelicense.net where you can also download reprint boxes for congregational use.

Other Suggestions:

"For Those Who Cannot Find a Way"
From A Greener Place to Grow (G-8003) by Adam M. L. Tice

"Sometimes Our Only Song Is Weeping"
From Claim the Mystery (G-8879) by Adam M. L. Tice

"We Pray, O God for Hearts Made New"
From Welcome God’s Tomorrow (G-6675) by Ruth Duck

"We Cannot Measure How You Heal"
From Known Unknowns (G-9247) by John L. Bell

 "In a Time of Pain” (G-5892) by Francis Patrick O’Brien