Friday, May 22, 2020

GIA CARES for Parishes

Dear parish leader,

We know these are difficult times for everyone, and especially for parishes that need to do more with fewer financial resources during this time of COVID-19.

GIA Publications, Inc., is here to help.

Today, we are excited to introduce GIA CARES for Parishes, modeled after the United States CARES Act.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Does your parish subscribe to at least 50 copies of a WLP missalette for your pews, OR have you purchased at least 50 copies of a GIA hymnal for your pews in the past ten years?


  2. Do you have an active ONE LICENSE license, either an Annual Reprint License or a Podcast / Streaming License?

GIA will issue you a credit toward the cost of your ONE LICENSE license from now until Advent. That’s right! Whatever you will be paying to ONE LICENSE over the remainder of the liturgical year will be matched as a credit in your parish’s GIA account. It’s that simple. The credit may be used in the next 18 months for your missalette subscriptions, hymnals, books, CDs, binders, octavos…or anything else in the GIA catalog (excluding shipping and taxes).

Click here to request a GIA CARES credit.

Guiding principles behind GIA CARES:

  1. We realize collections are down at parishes.
  2. Those parishes who are podcasting or streaming services have expressed concern about being asked to acquire new licenses (even when the cost is typically $3 to $10 per week), or to spend limited funds in new ways when you are struggling financially. We hear you.
  3. We believe that music has value. Music truly connects community and expresses prayer; words alone can be insufficient.
  4. We believe churches and schools should utilize the best resources and the right music for them, regardless of publisher or source.
  5. We believe in supporting music ministry and music education by developing collaborative relationships with customer churches and schools. We believe in providing high-quality resources at reasonable prices.
  6. We believe in supporting the artists, composers, and publishers who create wonderful, transformative music for our parishes. When parishes have licenses and report music usage, composers, text writers, administrators, and editors are able to earn a livelihood. We are proud to be a Member Publisher of ONE LICENSE, which provides a range of appropriate and reasonably-priced options. And now, through the GIA CARES program, we can at the same time return financial resources to parishes.
  7. Parishes are discovering new and powerful ways to reach even more people by podcasting or streaming their worship services, and new licenses allow parishes to do all of this with the help of music, and legally.
  8. We believe that with all the challenges facing choirs, congregational singing, and communal worship, there are new, creative, and safe ways to worship remotely that will not limit our prayer or restrict our song.
  9. We encourage you to ask parishioners to take missalettes, worship aids, or hymnals home, and to keep their own physical copies during this pandemic. Extra copies are available at reduced prices during this time (click here for more information). In addition, GIA will provide our subscribers free access to PDFs of the Mass prayers and readings from missalettes for electronic distribution.
  10. With your ONE LICENSE Annual Reprint License, you have the option to download music image files to create worship aids, projection slides, leaflets, bulletins, etc., to meet your needs. We ask you to password-protect these aids, email them directly to your parishioners, or make them available via a protected area of your website to further safeguard the value of the copyrights.

That’s it!

Thank you for everything you continue to do to serve the members of your community during these times. We are proud to partner with you and look forward to continuing our relationship through the months and years ahead.

We wish you all health and safety!

God bless you always.