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The Do It! series has been an influential tool in the musical development of students for over 3 decades. We are very excited to launch a new digital video component to this time-tested established repertoire with the Beginning Steps and Mini-Movies video series.

All Book 1 physical editions include a unique code for accessing the book's audio files digitally. This same code can be used to access all of the book's video resources. For a limited time, Book 2 and Solo & Onstage videos are also available for free

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Beginning students need to know "what it looks like" and "what it sounds like" in order to get off to a good start. Visual and aural models serve to define performance objectives, exemplify music learning objectives, and motivate students to practice and play.

Beginning Steps videos are excellent resources to start your beginning students off on a strong fundamental path to learning their chosen instrument. The videos can be used as an introduction to specific instruments as well as a warm-up to daily practice sessions. They contain information from instrument assembly, hand/finger positioning, learning to create sound, warm-up exercise and more!

Watch, Listen, and Play interactively with each song in any instrument edition of Do It! Book 1, Book 2, and Solo and Onstage!

Each instrument contains over guided videos complete with backing music, models to listen and play along with, and vocal instruction.

These videos are perfect for students starting on their musical journey and in the general music classroom. The guided instruction makes them perfect tools for home-learning assignments or special way to involve parents in early music-training in the home.

General music teachers will find the recorder video resources easily usable in the classroom as well as a tool for parents to utilize at home to aide in their child's musical development.

All subjects in school have homework! Now, you can easily provide interactive mini-movies of each song and tune with the music notation, a model of the tune, and an accompaniment for practice and play at home!

Watch a Full Recorder Example

Elementary-level band teachers should be excited to incoroprate these video resources into their curriculum immediately!

Beginning Steps videos will prove useful to any student getting to know their instrument for the first time.

Mini-Movies will take it from there and provide guided music and notation to listen and repeat while practicing at home or in the classroom.

Watch a Full Trumpet Example

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