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Interested in reprinting music for congregational use?

Visit our licensing partners at ONE LICENSE.


Looking to request permission for a virtual choir recording? Review the Digital Video Stream - Streaming/Electronic Rights information below in the section MECHANICAL (RECORDING).


GIA Publications and Walton Music have agreed to allow our music to be recorded and distributed under the terms of the guidelines developed by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) for state associations, music educators associations and school districts through June 15, 2022, as outlined at

SPECIAL CONSIDERATION: Permission for the use of songs from Taizé in online worship

During the COVID-19 crisis, on behalf of the Taizé Community GIA is happy to give permission free of charge for the use of the songs of Taizé in any streamed, podcast or online services or prayers in North America, as follows:

• The songs may be recorded or sung live, whether by individuals or by choirs or worship groups, with or without accompaniment.

• The singing may be supported if desired by tracks from the 3 instrumental CDs produced by Ateliers et Presses de Taizé.

• Any tracks from other CDs produced by the Ateliers et Presses de Taizé may also be played. In this case, the title of the album used must be indicated in a credit line at the end of the service. Please note that we have the rights only for the CDs recorded and produced either by GIA or by the Taizé Community at Taizé (full list on the Taizé Community website, from which it is also possible to download. Note that the rights for the album "Taizé - Music of unity and peace" belong to Deutsche Grammophon, so this recording is excluded.) We are not able to give permissions concerning recordings of our songs made by other producers elsewhere.

• This permission lasts until churches re-open fully for public worship after the present crisis.

• Churches wishing to display the musical scores should obtain the appropriate license from ONE LICENSE.


Custom Arrangement
Arrange or transcribe a song for non-commercial use by a custom ensemble. Email details to [email protected] for a quote.


Out-of-Print Sheet Music Photocopies
Photocopy a song from an out-of-print publication. $1.00 per song, per copy. $25 minimum license fee.  

Request Permission Online


Single Song Sheet Music Photocopies
Photocopy a single song from a publication or collection. $1.00 per song, per copy. $25 minimum license fee.  

Request Permission Online


Bulletin or Program (One-time use) 
Reprint a song in a church bulletin or songsheet for a one-time church service or event. Contact ONE LICENSE


Overhead Lyric Display (Slides, PowerPoint Projection)
Display song lyrics on slides or PowerPoint presentations in church or other congregational settings. Contact ONE LICENSE


Reusable/Seasonal Insert/Pew Card

Reprint a song in a permanent worship aid for use by a church; valid for the life of the set number of copies. $40.00 fee per song, up to 500 copies. Please request a quote for 500+ copies. Email [email protected]


Commercial Songbook

Reprint a song in a product available for purchase. Email publication details to [email protected].


CD and/or Digital Audio Download (MP3, AAC, WAV)

Record a song for release on a physical product (CD), or record a song for release as a digital download. $0.091 (9.1-cents) per song per copy for songs up to 5:00 in duration; $0.0175 (1.75-cents) per song per copy, per minute, for songs 5:01 or longer in duration. $25 minimum license fee. 

Mechanical License Application - Online


Digital Audio Stream

Stream a recording online that is not downloadable for non-commercial purposes. Use an original recording or a purchased recording of the song. $25.00 per song, per 6-month term. Email [email protected] with details: Licensee/Organization name and billing address, song title, author/composer, posting date, length of term requested.


Practice Track

Create practice CDs/MP3s for choir members/ensemble. Contact ONE LICENSE


Video (DVD/Digital Download)

Make a video of the live performance of a song or use a song in the background of a video for release as a DVD or a digital download. $0.15 per song per copy. $25 minimum license fee. 

Mechanical (Synch) License Application - Online [Please specify “Video” in the Special Instructions field.]


Digital Video Stream - Streaming/Electronic Rights

Post a video recording of a live or virtual choir/ virtual ensemble performance of a single song to social media platforms (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, etc.) for non-commercial purposes. Stream a video online (not for permanent download) with a song playing in the background, using an original recording or a purchased recording of the song.

$25.00 per song per video per 6-month term, up to 2 years; $125 flat fee per song per video for term greater than 2 years/in perpetuity.

Submit your request online or email [email protected] with the following details:

• Licensee/Organization name and billing address

• Song title and author/composer

• Posting date

• Length of term requested (e.g. months, years)


Live Performance (Drama or Musical)

Use a song in a public performance of a dramatico-musical work, either by live musicians or from an audio recording played in the background. $25 per song, per week, for amateur productions. For professional productions, please contact us for a quote. Email [email protected] with production details.


Live Performance (Concert)

Use a song in a public performance outside of the context of public worship, either by live musicians or from an audio recording played in the background. $25 per song, per week, for amateur productions. For professional productions, please contact us for a quote. Email [email protected] with performance details.


Streaming/Podcast of Live Worship Services

Live-stream to members of congregation who may be homebound, traveling or serving in active duty, and archive services for the duration of the license. Contact ONE LICENSE for a Podcast/Streaming License.

From Annual, Event, and Single-Use Reprint Licenses to Practice-Track and Podcast/Streaming Licenses, ONE LICENSE has a license that will meet your congregational music reprint needs. Visit to learn more.


In Europe our sub-publisher is Small Stone Media,

In Japan our sub-publisher is Little Star Copyright Management

If you do not see what you need on this list or on the ONE LICENSE website, please email your request to [email protected] or contact GIA directly at 1-800-GIA-1358.