Overøye, Odd J.

Odd Johan Overøye (b. 1961), composer and Associate Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology – Department of Music, has studied in Trondheim, Oslo, and Los Angeles, including studies with film composer Jack Smalley. 


With his broad background in jazz, popular music, and classical music, Overøye has worked with a wide range of best-selling musicians and ensembles. He is also featured in a number of songbooks, including the new Norwegian hymn book. Some of his choral music has gained international recognition, not only in the Nordic countries, but also farther afield in the United States, South America, and Japan. 


Since 2000 Overøye has been Artistic Manager for the summer festival “Kyrkjehola Kulturbeite” in Stordal, in 2011 receiving the local authority’s culture award for his efforts. He was selected as a resident composer for the Fjord Cadenza Festival in 2014, which included the world premiere of the commissioned work Camino del sur for accordion and symphony orchestra.


Overøye has been awarded several grants, including Norwegian Government Grants for creative artists.