Silhavy, Michael

Michael Silhavy has worked in the school, parish, cathedral, university, and diocesan setting. Since 1995, he has worked at the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis where his responsibilities have included serving as Associate Director of the Worship Center, Director of Music for the Archdiocese, and conductor of the Archdiocesan Choir. His academic background includes training in music, theology, and liturgy.


Ways of Singing the Psalms - Sacred Music

This workshop examines various ways of singing psalmody - Gregorian tones, Gelineau tones, Guimont tones, lyrical/contemporary settings, metrical and other settings - and the performance challenges unique to each style. Ideal for cantors and accompanists to attend as a team.

Rethinking the Ministry of Cantor - Sacred Music

Originally discussed in an article in the GIA Quarterly, this workshop further examines the role of the cantor in worship. After 40+ years of congregational singing, for just what does a congregation need a cantor? The dialogical nature of the liturgy will be explored, as well as the differences between song leading, solo singing, animating and cantoring. This workshop is a provocative challenge to cantors to reexamine their ministry!

Using Band and Orchestra Instruments in Worship - Sacred Music

Many parish music ministry programs neglect the variety of instrumental sounds available to them. Neglected too are the many individuals wishing to share their instrumental talents. This workshop will cover transposing, ranges of instruments, scoring parts, ensembles, published resources, and appropriate places for solely instrumental music in the liturgy.

Gelineau Psalmody - Sacred Music

This workshop offers in depth exploration of Gelineau Psalmody with emphasis on correct performance techniques. Using Gelineau Psalmody with handbells, SATB voices, piano/harp and other instruments will be explored. The Grail Translation of the psalms and the basic elements of Hebrew poetry will also be examined.

The Parish Musician and Communio - Sacred Music

Presented from the unique perspective of a diocesan director of music, this workshop is best suited for a gathering of parish music directors. Starting with the premise that the diocese, not the parish, is the local Church, directors will be challenged to look beyond just their own parish needs and responsibilities. The need for collaborating with others, mentoring new musicians, supporting national organizations, tithing time to diocesan causes and sharing resources will be discussed.