Jeanne Cotter

Jeanne Cotter is a liturgical composer, author, parish mission director and active singer-songwriter. For over a decade she has performed her original piano works and songs throughout the United States and Canada. Jeanne shares her heart­warming and humorous stories of growing up in an Irish Catholic family in southern Minnesota and what she calls “the authority of experience.”

In addition to concerts, ministry workshops, parish missions, retreats, convention keynotes and breakout sessions, Jeanne conducts "Coming Home Retreats" in her native homeland of Minnesota. These intensive weeks are for pianists, singers, composers and those interested in enhancing their own creativity and spirituality.

Jeanne is active with the North American Form on the Catechumenate and has been the master teacher and coordinator of the Keyboard and Ensemble Schools for the National Association of Pastoral Musicians.

Jeanne has numerous recordings and music collections published by GIA Publications, Inc. Her latest works include The Old Gravel Road and Tender Hearted.