Browning, Carol

Carol Browning has been active as a pastoral musician and liturgist for more than twenty years, for the past fifteen years mainly in Roman Catholic settings, although she is a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). She is a liturgical composer, on her own and as part of the Collegeville Composers Group (along with Catherine Christmas; Cyprian Consiglio, OSB; Paul Ford; and Paul Inwood) and an independently published inspirational songwriter. Carol also writes occasional articles for various liturgical music magazines, presents on liturgical and music topics, and is active in ecumenical and contemplative prayer services.


Sing As You Pray - Sacred Music,Other

Explore creative ways of using music to enhance spoken prayer and deepen the assembly's connection to ritual, with practical hints and examples. Those who sing pray twice!

Multicultural Issues for a Universal Church - Sacred Music,Other

A basic workshop on multilingual/multicultural issues, with practical suggestions for those who are beginning to do (or are considering) bilingual or multilingual liturgies.

What Should We Sing? - Sacred Music,Other

An introductory workshop on planning and preparing music for the liturgical year at a parish, with practical tips for choosing music and concrete issues to consider.

Retreat for Music and/or Liturgical Ministers - Sacred Music,Other

Liturgical ministers are always giving of their time and talent, throughout the seasons of the liturgical year. It's also important for music and other liturgical ministers to spend time in reflection, renewing the Spirit within and feeding our souls.