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by Rory Cooney


Today is a new collection of heartfelt songs for worship written and/or arranged for use throughout the church year. Based on the Scriptures, these beautiful songs are appropriate for seasonal use, weddings, funerals, Sundays, or feast days.

Already a classic, “Heart of a Shepherd” incorporates a new refrain with the timeless Gelineau chant of the Twenty-Third Psalm. “Psalm 118: Today” is intended as a companion piece for Rory’s setting of Psalm 96 for Christmas. Both use the same motif for the word “today” (“hodie” or “today” in Psalm 96 and “haecdies” or “this day” in Psalm 118). The use of these settings helps to connect the feasts of Christmas and Easter. His stunning arrangement of Psalm 22 brilliantly depicts the intensity of Jesus’ words “Why have you abandoned me?” Each meaningful composition will evoke prayerful participation from your congregation and bring a theological depth to your worship experience.

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Track Time Price
1. New Jerusalem - MP3 Rory Cooney 04:10 1.29
2. The Wilderness Awaits You - MP3 Rory Cooney 6:29 2.59
3. In the Stillness - MP3 Gary Daigle 6:29 1.29
4. Psalm 96 - Christmas Midnight - MP3 Rory Cooney 2:54 1.29
5. Light in the Darkness - MP3 The Dameans 3:23 1.29
6. Litany for the Scutinies - MP3 Rory Cooney 4:12 1.29
7. Psalm 22 for Passion Suday - MP3 Rory Cooney 4:24 1.29
8. Psalm 118 - Today - MP3 Rory Cooney 3:52 1.29
9. Easter Sequence and Gospel Acclamation - MP3 Rory Cooney 2:46 1.29
10. Heart of a Shepherd - MP3 Rory Cooney 6:38 2.59
11. Psalm 47 for Ascension - MP3 Rory Cooney 2:24 1.29
12. Song of Songs - MP3 Rory Cooney 03:46 1.29
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Item #: CD-724
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