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Tonal and Rhythm Skills Development


Richard F. Grunow, Edwin E. Gordon, and Christopher D. Azzara

The purpose of this CD is to help develop facility with tonal patterns and rhythm patterns, first with neutral syllables and then with tonal syllables (solfege) and rhythm syllables based on tonal and rhythm functions. Learning tonal and rhythm syllables is much easier if you already know lots of songs in various tonalities and meters, so build your repertoire of rote songs as you increase your skills with tonal and rhythm patterns.

CONTENTS: Duple Meter Songs: Ally Bally - Song from Ancient Karyes - Duple Meter Rhythm Patterns - Triple Meter Songs: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - Brown Eyes - Triple Meter Rhythm Patterns - Major Tonality Songs: Deedle, Deedle, Dumpling - Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes - Major Tonality Tonal Patterns - Minor Tonality Songs: This Old Hammer - Five Cents Have I - Minor Tonality Tonal Patterns - Songs in Other Tonalities and Meters: Peasant Dance (Dorian, unusual paired) - Carol of the Birds (Dorian, duple) - Annabelle Lee (Dorian, triple) - Lost Lady Found (Dorian, triple) - Round and Round (Dorian, duple) - Morning Song (Dorian, duple) - She's Like the Swallow (Dorian, triple) - Old Joe Clark (Mixolydian, duple) - I'm Gonna Put on My Walkin' Shoes (Mixolydian, duple) - Greek Folk Song (Minor, unusual unpaired) - Three Young Men from Volos (Minor, unusual unpaired) - Yerakina (Major, unusual unpaired) - The Banks of Newfoundland (Major, combined) - Monkey Song (Major, combined)

Additional songs in other tonalities and meters are available in Jump Right In: The Instrumental Series and Jump Right In: The Music Curriculum.

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