Experience the Chicago Summer Choral Reading Session from the comfort of your own computer!

This year, in order to reach all pastoral musicians in every city nationwide, we are excited to announce that we have video taped our Chicago choral reading session and are now making it available to you online. Now you can experience the Chicago GIA Summer Reading Session held in the beautiful and historic Old St. Patrick's Church, from your computer.

A preview of featured music is available below, so you can follow along. If there is a song you would like to purchase simply click on the cover or the catalog number to place your order.

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For your convenience we are providing time stamps indicating the beginning of each song so that you may move between pieces as you desire. Simply use the progress bar to advance to the time indicated at the beginning of each song. Place your cursor in the gray area in order to scroll up or down. Click the catalog number or the cover to place an order.

3:30 | Let There Be Light | Arr. James Biery | G-8376

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6:59 | Christ for the World We Sing | Paul Ritchie | G-8661

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9:50 | Sing for Peace | Marty Haugen | G-8840

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13:10 | The Day of the Lord Is at Hand | Marilyn Biery | G-8731

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17:42 | Sancti Dei omnes | Johann Michael Haydn | G-3793

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20:32 | The Children of God | Steve Janco | G-6574

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23:50 | Prepare to Receive Him | Bach/Arr. Currie | G-3348

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26:48 | Beautiful the Story | Gregg Sewell | G-8740

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30:48 | Lie Still and Slumber | Matthew Emery | G-8553

srs-chicago-2015057 srs-chicago-2015058 srs-chicago-2015059 srs-chicago-2015060 srs-chicago-2015061

33:45 | Still, Still, Still | Arr. Norman Luboff | W-3003

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38:30 | Run, Shepherds, Run | William Schoenfeld | G-8487

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43:40 | Lullaby, Little One | Arr. Rory Cooney | G-8753

srs-chicago-2015084 srs-chicago-2015085 srs-chicago-2015086 srs-chicago-2015087 srs-chicago-2015088 srs-chicago-2015089

47:12 | Come, Let Us Eat | Arr. Jonathan Campbell | G-8786

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50:05 | Panis angelicus | Zach Stachowski | G-8655

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54:38 | Mothering God | Larry Long | G-8622

srs-chicago-2015110 srs-chicago-2015111 srs-chicago-2015112 srs-chicago-2015113 srs-chicago-2015114 srs-chicago-2015115 srs-chicago-2015116

58:18 | Shall Tribulation or Distress | Sally Ann Morris | G-8477

srs-chicago-2015117 srs-chicago-2015118 srs-chicago-2015119 srs-chicago-2015120 srs-chicago-2015121 srs-chicago-2015122 srs-chicago-2015123

1:02:22 | Every Eye Is Different | Daniel Kantor | G-8515

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1:07:15 | Come Back to the Lord | Leo Nester | G-8227

srs-chicago-2015135 srs-chicago-2015136 srs-chicago-2015137 srs-chicago-2015138 srs-chicago-2015139 srs-chicago-2015140

1:10:17 | Were You There? | Arr. Marques Garrett | G-8911

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1:17:39 | Ubi Caritas | Francis Patrick O'Brien | G-8614

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1:23:11 | The Angel Rolled the Stone Away | Arr. D. Meyer | G-8729

srs-chicago-2015163 srs-chicago-2015164 srs-chicago-2015165 srs-chicago-2015166 srs-chicago-2015167 srs-chicago-2015168 srs-chicago-2015169 srs-chicago-2015170 srs-chicago-2015171 srs-chicago-2015172 srs-chicago-2015173 srs-chicago-2015174 srs-chicago-2015175 srs-chicago-2015176 srs-chicago-2015177

1:28:32 | I Am the Bread of Life | David Kates | G-8631

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1:33:39 | Be My Hands and Feet | Tony Alonso | G-8901

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1:39:17 | The Lamb | Phillip Orem | G-8536

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1:43:42 | All Shall Be Amen and Alleluia | Gerald Custer | G-8722

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