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ritual song


Ritual Song—Second Edition includes music that has withstood the test of time, the best of new music we have gained since the first edition, and the most successful mass settings and service music written since the implementation of the Revised Order of Mass.

With an expanded repertoire of music for rituals surrounding the RCIA, initiation, funerals, and healing services, this hymnal will appeal to communities that embrace a broad range of worship styles.

Ritual Song—Second Edition contains:

  • A balanced mix of musical styles from chant to contemporary and everything in between
  • Two complete Lectionary psalters
  • Select pieces from the popular Lyric Psalter along with other lyrical psalm settings
  • 11 complete mass settings and other service music, including Tony Alonso's new setting, Mass of Christ, Light of the Nations
  • Orders of service for Taizé Prayer, Stations of the Cross, and other popular forms of prayer and devotions
  • An expanded repertoire of music for rituals surrounding the RCIA, initiation, penance, funerals, healing services, and more
  • A wide selection of world music and music from the Taizé and Iona Communities
  • A diversity of languages for bilingual or multilingual worship
  • The best music from every respected publisher serving the Roman Catholic Church

What differentiates Ritual Song—Second Edition
from the other great hymnals published by GIA?

Gather—Third Edition favors contemporary, piano based repertoire while Worship—Fourth Edition is weighted in favor of hymnody and organ based selections. Ritual Song—Second Edition is equally balanced between these two styles.


In the Ritual Song, Second Edition Composer, Author, and Sources index, Daniel Schutte's name was inadvertently omitted. The following items by him, however, do appear in this hymnal:
City of God
Here I Am, Lord
Sing a New Song
These Alone Are Enough
Eucharistic Acclamations for Mass of Christ the Savior