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One in Love and Peace

Bob Moore and Kelly Dobbs Mickus

G-8246   8246INST   G-8246CD

One in Love and Peace is a comprehensive and practical collection of the most frequently requested wedding instrumentals, including such classics as "Canon in D" by Pachelbel, "Bridal Chorus" by Wagner, and "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven. Each of the twenty-three preludes, processionals, and recessionals found in this compilation is arranged for both organ and piano.

The instrumental edition—sold separately—includes reproducible parts for B< trumpet, C solo instrument, and string quartet. They are compatible with both the piano and organ arrangements and with each other. A complete recording is also available. Affordable enough to purchase multiple copies, these demonstration CDs can be offered either on loan or as a gift to couples for use in their selection process.

This versatile collection is perfect for any church musician. Helpful background notes on each piece, the complete recording, and a variety of performance options make One in Love and Peace an essential resource for wedding planning.

imageWhen Love is Found
Jeanne Cotter / David Haas


This timeless collection is a must-have for anyone involved in planning music for weddings. Jeanne Cotter and David Haas have created a whole series of products around this very subject. And the music is top-notch, carefully selected, and befitting the joyous occasion being celebrated.

Processional, Recessional, and Instrumental

G-4858 Pachelbel's Canon in D and Gathered in the Love of Christ
             by Marty Haugen / Pachelbel
G-7874 Love Has Brought Us Here Together by Rowland Prichard
G-5331 May the Grace of Christ, Our Savior
             by Johann Schop / J. S. Bach
G-5197 I Saw Three Ships Arr. Rory Cooney
G-2905 Eight English Voluntaries for Trumpet and Organ by Various
G-5966 Sinfonia and Fanfare by Scott Hyslop
G-1962 Three Celebrated Trumpet Tunes
             by Henry Purcell / Jeremiah Clarke
G-4123 Three Celebrated Trumpet Tunes, Vol. 2
             by Jean-Joseph Mouret / Various
G-2906 Voluntary by Georg Berg
G-6758 Times and Seasons by Kathleen Basi
G-6133 Sonatina from Cantata #106 by J. S. Bach
G-4787 Music for Contemporary Ensemble Vol. I by Bob Moore
G-4788 Music for Contemporary Ensemble Vol. II by Bob Moore
G-4789 Liturgical Suite by Bob Moore
G-4790 Four Preludes by Bob Moore
G-4289 Five Liturgical Meditations by Bob Moore

Ave Maria Settings

G-5416 Ave Maria by Richard Proulx / Charles Gounod
G-3958 Ave Maria by Daniel Kantor
G-6602 Ave Maria by W.A. Mozart
G-5689 Ave Maria by Franz Schubert
G-5687 Ave Maria by Franz Schubert
G-5688 Ave Maria by Franz Schubert
G-5573 Ave Maria by Franz Schubert
G-4892 Ave Maria by Jacques Arcadelt
G-3169 Alma Mia by Donna Peña
G-5988 Ave Maria, Ave by Liam Lawton / Julianne Woods


G-6209 A Blessing by Margaret Rizza
G-7550 A Celtic Blessing by David Barton
G-6066 May the Road Rise to Meet You by Lori True
G-5897 A Gaelic Blessing by Bernard Sexton
G-3272 Nuptial Blessing, AA by Jan Michael Joncas
G-3822 The Lord Bless You and Keep You by Nylea Butler-Moore
G-5148 An Irish Blessing by James Moore
G-4809 Benediction: Let the Mind of Christ by Carol Browning
G-3699 Blessing Prayer by David Haas
G-3751 May the Light of Christ: A Marriage Blessing
             by James Chepponis
G-3310 Nuptial Blessing, A by Jan Michael Joncas
G-4081 The Lord Is Kind and Merciful by Jeanne Cotter

Strings for Weddings

G-5416 Ave Maria by Richard Proulx / Charles Gounod
G-4112 Every Morning In Your Eyes by Rory Cooney
G-4816 Love Is Patient by Timothy Valentine SJ
G-5331 May the Grace of Christ, Our Savior
             by Johann Schop / J. S. Bach
G-6409 Song of Songs by Rory Cooney
G-4817 The Fire of Love by Timothy Valentine SJ
G-4081 My Heart Is Firmly Fixed, O God by Jeanne Cotter


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imageArise My Love
Marty Haugen / Tony Alonso

CD-832 G-7888

Tony Alonso and Marty Haugen combine expressive texts and beautiful tunes to create this collection of engaging wedding music in a variety of styles sure to appeal to couples with a broad range of tastes. Songs for the entire wedding liturgy are included and the use of familiar and beloved hymn tunes will encourage the participation of the assembly.


G-2527 For Weddings–Psalm 102(103) by Charles Conley
G-4112 Every Morning In Your Eyes by Rory Cooney
G-1475 Behold, Thus Is the Man Blessed by William Ferris
G-7871 Gusten y Vean / Taste and See by Tony Alonso
G-7244 Gusten y Vean / Taste and See by Tony Alonso
G-2177 Heaven and Earth Are Filled/Let All Praise/Alleluia–Psalm 148
             by Howard Hughes SM
G-4606 Let Us Go Rejoicing by Leon Roberts
G-2989 Let All Praise the Name of the Lord–Psalm 148
by Joseph Barry Smith
G-3001 O Give Thanks to the Lord–Psalm (135)136
by David Clark Isele
G-8022 O Taste and See by John Bell
G-2858 Psalm (127)128–Happy Are Those Who Fear the Lord
by James Chepponis
G-7239 Psalm 34: Drink in the Richness of God by Jan Michael Joncas
G-4065 Taste and See by Charles Conley
G-6076 Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord by Bob Moore
G-2548 Taste and See–Psalm 33(34) by Thomas Savoy
G-2490 The Earth Is Full–Psalm 32(33) by Robert Kreutz
G-5232 Taste and See by James Chepponis
G-2617 Psalm 144(145) by Howard Hughes SM
G-5646 Psalm 145 by James Chepponis
G-3493 Psalm 145: The Lord Is Compassionate by Joseph Barry Smith
G-7277 May Love Be Ours, O Lord by Brent McWilliams
G-7439 Blest Are Those Who Love You by Marty Haugen
G-7239 Psalm 34: Drink in the Richness of God by Jan Michael Joncas
G-7455 Taste and See by James Moore
G-4712 Wedding Psalm by Daniel Laginya

Handbells for Weddings

G-7444 O Waly Waly - 2, 3 octave version Arr. Joshua Evanovich
G-7630 O Waly Waly - 3, 4, 5 octave version> Arr. Joshua Evanovich
G-2064 Love Is Patient and Kind by Lars Clutterham
G-5661 Love Never Fails by David Haas

Unity Candle

G-2230 Unity Candle Song, The by Raymond Haan
G-7881 Love Endures All Things by Marty Haugen
G-7331 If There Is This Love by Martin Barry
G-5368 Blest Be the Tie That Binds by Lowell Mason / Lynn Petersen
G-4817 The Fire of Love by Timothy Valentine SJ
G-7087 The Simple Gift of Love Arranger: Larry Harris
G-6110 To Be Is To Be in Love by Timothy Valentine SJ
G-6072 Today and Tomorrow by Lori True
G-3357 By My Side by Thomas Porter


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