The songs of Taizé make it possible for hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world to be linked in common praise of God.
Find everything GIA has to offer to help you create Taizé prayer and to discover the Taizé Community in one convenient location.

Prayer for Each Day


The "how-to" book for Prayer with the songs of Taizé: a detailed introduction with practical suggestions followed by over 40 outline prayer services for the different times of the year, each containing a psalm, a choice of Bible readings, intercessions and a choice of closing prayers.

also, Spanish edition:

Oraciones para Cada D�a


For the first time, the beloved Taizé book Prayer for Each Day is available in Spanish. Each of these prayer services for the different times of the year contain a psalm, a choice of Bible readings, intercessions, and a choice of closing prayers. A detailed introduction gives practical suggestions for preparing a time of prayer.

Compact Disc Selections

   CD-194 Alleluia – CD
   CD-696 Christe lux mundi – CD
   CD-840 Taizé Mane Nobiscum – CD
   CD-325 Sancte Spiritus – CD
   CD-284 Jubilate – CD
   CD-575 Laudate Omnes Gentes – CD
   CD-399 Ubi Caritas – CD
   CD-325 Veni Sancte Spiritus – CD
   CD-529 Venite Exultemus – CD
   CD-979 Music of Unity and Peace - CD

   CD with hardcover book:
   CD-625 The Songs of Taizé – CD

   CD-443 Joy on Earth – CD
   CD-380 Sing to God – CD
   CD-380 Songs and Prayers from Taizé – CD

   CD-586 Bendecid al Señor – CD

   Accompaniment recordings:
   CD-586 Taizé: Instrumental, Volume 1 – CD
   CD-651 Taizé: Instrumental, Volume 2 – CD
   CD-651 Taizé: Instrumental, Volume 3 – CD

   Recorded in the USA:
   CD-612 In the Spirit of Taize – CD
   CD-173 Wait for the Lord – CD

Books of prayers

   G-4918 Prayer for Each Day Book

   G-4918 Oraciones para Cada Día Book

   G-8479 Friends in Christ – Book (Available soon)
   G-8500 I Am the Beginning and the End – Book
   G-8502 Reading the Ten Commandments Anew – Book

About Taizé

   G-7303 Choose to Love (Illustrated tribute to the founder of Taizé)

Jason Brian Santos
   G-7788 A Community Called Taizé (Introduction to Taizé)

Kathryn Spink
   G-6773 A Universal Heart (Biography of Brother Roger)

Olivier Clément
   G-4755 Taizé: A Meaning to Life (Some deeper insights)

Sabine Laplane
   G-7892 15 Days of Prayer with Brother Roger of Taizé :
(For a time of personal retreat)

   DVD-481 A Week at Taizé
   DVD-391 Praying With the Songs of Taizé
   DVD-671 Meeting Brother Taizé


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English language songbooks

These three up-to- date collections are complementary, with no significant overlaps. Together they contain almost the entire repertoire currently used at Taizé. Each title exists in an assembly edition (melody and 4-voice harmonies), a vocal edition (which also contains solo verses for cantor) and an edition containing the instrumental accompaniments

Songs and prayers
   G-3719P Songs and Prayers from Taizé–(for the assembly)
   G-3719A Songs and Prayers from Taizé–Accompaniment Edition

Songs for prayer
   G-4956P Taizé: Songs For Prayer
   G-4956 Taizé: Songs For Prayer–Spiral Bound (cantor verses)
   G-4956A Taizé: Songs For Prayer–Instrumental Edition

Christe lux mundi
   G-7101 Christe lux mundi Vocal edition (cantor verses)
   G-7101P Christe lux mundi People's edition
   G-7101A Christe lux mundi Instrumental edition (accompaniments)

The editions that introduced the songs of Taizé to the English-speaking world in the 1980s:

 Music From Taizé-vol. I
    G-2433  Vocal Edition
    G-2433P People’s Songbook
    G-2433A Instrumental Edition

   Music From Taizé-vol. II
      G-2778 Vocal Edition
      G-2778P People’s Songbook
      G-2778A Instrumental Edition

Chants De Taizé (Songs from Taizé) European Edition

   G-5061 Chants de Taizé 2016-2017 Basic Edition
G-5061G Songs from Taizé: Guitar Edition
   G-5061INST Songs from Taizé: Instrumental Accompaniment

Spanish language Songbooks

   G-8808P - Bendigo al Señor - Edición para la Asamblea
   G-8808P - Bendigo al Señor - Edición Vocal
   G-8808P - Bendigo al Señor - Edición Instrumental

Recent Individual Octavos

   G-5574 Ubi Caritas Deus ibi est/Crucem Tuam/psallite Deo
   G-5577 Wait for the Lord/Prepare the way of the Lord
   G-5578 In the Lord I’ll Be Ever Thankful
   G-5579 Let Us Sing to the Lord
   G-5580 Nada Te Turbe/Nothing Can Trouble
   G-6428 Eat This Bread/Jesus Christ, Bread of Life

Further Books from Taizé

By Brother Roger:
   G-6513 Peace of Heart in All Things – (a brief meditation for every day of the year)
    G-7077 Praying in Silence of Heart – (100 short prayers)
   G-7078 Glimmers of Happiness – (reflections stemming from life at Taizé)
   G-6259 God Is Love Alone – (reflections stemming from life at Taizé)
   G-5363 The Sources of Taizé – (Taizé basis of the Community)

   G-6719 Seeds of Trust – (Bible texts and commentaries for reflection and group sharing)
   G-6879 Seek and You Will Find – (Questions on the Christian Faith)

By Brother John:
   G-8479 Friends in Christ (Friendship as a key for understanding the Gospel)
   G-8500 I Am the Beginning and the End – (The origins and end of the world in the Bible)
    G-8502 Reading the Ten Commandments Anew – (God's commandments as a source of freedom)