GIA Catholic Hymnals

Compared to a disposable newsprint subscription service, a hymnal from GIA makes more sense financially. Take a look at this cost comparison.

Your annual subscription cost for 750 large-print (which is comparable in size to a GIA hymnal) songbook/missal combinations comes to $5737.50. Over the course of a 10-year period that totals $57,375. Keep in mind that the majority of music you are purchasing in a disposable worship aid remains the same season after season, year after year. Why spend your money on the same music over and over again?

The average annual shipping costs for a subscription service songbook/missal combination of 750 large-print units
(comparable in size to a GIA hymnal) from Oregon to Illinois can be close to $900. Over the course of a 10-year period that comes to $9,000.

Add these two costs together and you get a total cost of $66,375.

A purchase of 750 pew editions with readings from GIA averages $12,375 and the shipping charges from Illinois to Oregon come to $900. Your total comes to only $13,275.

Incredible savings: In this particular comparison, by purchasing a hymnal from GIA you are saving your parish over $53,000. This total doesn’t even take into account inflation over the course of 10 years. In addition, if you keep your hymnal beyond 10 years the savings continue to grow. In these challenging times, are you being prudent with your parish's
financial resources?


Total Number Ordered
Hymnal from GIA w/readings

+ Shipping






10-Year Total
Cost for a 10-Year Subscription:

Diposable Worship Aid
(missal/songbook combination)

+ Shipping (multiple times/year over 10 years)










10-Year Total
Total Savings over 10-years
No inflation or rising shipping costs included
No matter what the size of your parish, the savings are substantial!