GIA Catholic Hymnals

Exquisitely bound and constructed, a hymnal from GIA offers long-lasting durability, elegance, and refinement. Much goes into the making of a hymnal from GIA.

Only the finest materials are used. Each book is made of special colorfast, moisture-resistant cloth that provides high-tear resistance. This cloth gives a rich appearance and excellent durability and flexibility.

The special binding is the strongest available and is designed to minimize wear and tear. These books are made to endure heavy usage for an extended period of time. The reinforced spine enhances the strength and quality of the book enabling it to lie flat while open.

Comparable in size to a large-printed edition of leading disposable worship aids, GIA’s off-white pages are easy on the eye. Our extremely legible fonts are printed with only the finest quality ink.

Superior materials, beautifully designed covers, careful editing, spacious page layout, precise engraving, unparalleled content, and absolute attention to detail all make GIA hymnals the only logical choice to dignify your worship space.