Workshops and Concerts for your Parish or Organization!

GIA PRESENTS is a comprehensive program designed to enrich your music making, expand your repertory, stimulate new ideas in your programming, and excite fresh direction in your ministry. . . with the help of the best clinicians in the country. We have much to share, embracing many and varied styles of music from chant to world music, from children's music to music for ritual. GIA PRESENTS answers one of the frequent concerns of pastoral musicians: the need for ongoing formation for professional and volunteer pastoral musicians and liturgical leaders.

Level One: You design the program and you choose the clinician
The Level One events provide the opportunity for you to select the speaker. We've gathered the finest and most experienced pastoral practitioners we could find, drawn from the GIA staff and friends, our eclectic roster of composers, and the most respected names in pastoral music making. At Level One, costs include a stipend for the speaker plus expenses for transportation, meals, and housing. Fees vary with each presenter, depending on the scope of the event and the amount of work required.

Level Two: GIA-sponsored clinicians to suit your needs
Level Two features a top-notch, proven clinician from the GIA staff, who will present a workshop using GIA materials. GIA pays the speaker's stipend and the host covers travel, meals, and housing. Level Two workshops last one day or evening.

Level Three:
GIA PRESENTS comes to you
From time to time GIA plans to make various presentations throughout the country utilizing GIA PRESENTS clinicians. Our national summer reading session program held each August is a good example of such an event. Watch for future announcements.

Click on a clinician's name to read their biography and workshop descriptions.

GIA Presents Clinicians include:


James Abbington
Alison Adam
Tony Alonso
David Anderson
Bob Batastini
John L. Bell
Mary Louise Bringle
Jean E. Bross-Judge
Cathedral Singers
James Chepponis
Barbara Conable
Michael Connolly
Rory Cooney
Jeanne Cotter
Kate Cuddy
Gary Daigle
Kelly Dobbs Mickus
Theresa Donohoo
Delores Dufner
John Ferguson
Bobby Fisher
John Flaherty
Daniel Girardot
Rob Glover

Felix Goebel-Komala
David Haas
Marty Haugen
Hal Hopson
Robert Hutmacher
Benjamin Hutto
Paul Inwood
ValLimar Jansen
J. Michael Joncas
James Jordan
Denise La Giglia
Liam Lawton
Michael Mahler
Graziano Marcheschi
Nancy Marcheschi
Thomas Mark
Jean McLaughlin
Fred Moleck
James Moore
Robert Moore
Sally Ann Morris
Francis O'Brien
Anna Belle O'Shea
Alice Parker

Susan J. Paul
Donna Peña
Steve Petrunak
Robert W. Piercy
Thomas Porter
Kathy Powell
Scott Riedel
Margaret Rizza
Philip Roberts
John Romeri
Carl Schalk
Russell Schulz-Widmar
Randall Sensemeier
Pearl Shangkuan
Michael Silhavy
Scott Soper
Eric J. Sova
Robert Strusinski
Paul Tate
William Tortolano
Lori True
Dominic Trumfio
Rev. Tim Valentine


Suzanne Orland
GIA Presents Coordinator
[email protected]

  David Anderson
Primary Clinician
[email protected]

Call Suzanne Orland at 1-800-442-1358 or (708) 496-3800 ext. 39.