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GIA's Reprint/Copyright Information for non-commercial use

In North America, GIA is now a member of the new, convenient - your internet source for copyright needs.

Whether you are creating weekly bulletins, hymnal supplements for the congregation, or a sing-a-long booklet for your Christmas concert, makes it easy and affordable to receive reprint permission for GIA titles.
In fact, with a license from you will have permission to reprint the congregational music of not only GIA, but more than 70+ leading sacred music publishers! Simply log on to for more information.

Do you want to reprint melody lines and words?

GIA holds the rights to works by some of today's most respected and well-loved composers. With a reprint license from you will have permission to reprint select melodies and lyrics from the pens of incredible GIA composers and writers including:

John L. Bell • Jacques Berthier • Mary Louise Bringle • James Chepponis • Christian Conference of Asia • Michael Connolly • Rory Cooney • Jeanne Cotter • Gary Daigle • The Dameans • Ruth Duck • Sylvia Dunstan • Bobby Fisher • John Foley • Joseph Gelineau • Andre Gouzes, OP • Rob Glover • Felix Goebel-Komala • Grail Psalms • Michel Guimont • David Haas • Marty Haugen • Howard Hughes • David Hurd • Iona Community • David Clark Isele • I-to Loh • Michael Joncas • Daniel Kantor • Liam Lawton • Bob Moore • James Moore, Jr. • Francis Patrick O'Brien • Alexander Peloquin • Donna Peña • Thomas Porter • Richard Proulx • Leon Roberts • Carl Schalk • Solas • Scott Soper • Pablo Sosa • Herman Stuempfle • Taizé • Suzanne Toolan • Jonathan Tuuk • Timothy Valentine, SJ • Joe Wise • Ralph Wright • Jeremy Young • and many others!

What are your options?

You can apply for three types of GIA reprint licenses via the web site: a restricted annual reprint license, an event license, or a single-use license. Explanations of each type as well as all costs involved may be found on the web site.
Special Circumstances:

TRANSPARENCIES FOR OVERHEAD PROJECTION In North America….Users of transparencies must purchase an annual license from The annual license must be maintained as long as the transparencies are being used.

PERMANENT HYMNALS In North America…(reprinted supplements, not purchased books) Churches that create permanent hymnal supplements containing GIA copyrighted material must maintain an annual license from

SEASONAL REPRINTS In North America…When using reprints for a given season (i.e. Advent), you must either have an annual license from, or buy a one-time license from for each week the seasonal booklet will be used.

CHORAL MUSIC NOT IN PRINT Choral music not in print may be copied for 75-cents per copy with a minimum charge of $20.00. Click here for more information

MECHANICAL LICENSE This license must be obtained when you use GIA copyrighted music on a recording of any kind. The rate is set by Congress at $.091-cents per song, per copy (15-cents per song, per copy for videos/DVDs), $25.00 minimum. Click here for more information

Note: In certain select instances, GIA is honored to extend free reprint permissions for the copyrights owned and administered by GIA Publications, Inc. Those cases include: ordination, first Masses, religious professions, jubilees of religious professions, and conferences and conventions for music directors. Contact GIA at [email protected] or at 1-800-GIA-1358 if you have any questions about this type of permission.


Need to make a recording? Need a commercial license or another need? Broadcasting? Don't see it here?

Please email us at [email protected] for any other copyright questions.

Please include occasion description, date needed, songs requested, number of people attending, billing information, contact phone number and email address.

If you do not see what you need on the web site or on this list, please contact GIA directly at 1-800-GIA-1358 or 708-496-3800 or contact us via email at [email protected].


Congregational reprint permissions for melody line and words outside of North America can be made either to

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