Choral Music Not in Print or Not Available Individually

If published editions are available, you may not copy choral music. Individual choral pieces that are no longer in print may be copied for $.75 per copy with a minimum charge of $20.00. Each section of a larger work (for example, the Gloria from a mass) is $.75.

Before you reprint...

The following are copying requirements for all GIA music:

  1. Copies must be for congregational use only. No choir parts, cantor parts, harmony, or accompaniment parts may be included to the extent that they make it possible for the cantor, choir, or accompanist to function in those capacities without using published copies of the material.
  2. The full title of the items copied and the name(s) of the composer, author, arranger, and translator (as applicable) must be included in the reprint just as found in the published version. The composer's name must be included even if only the words are printed, since his or her melody will be sung.
  3. The copyright notice must appear on the first page of the item being copied (the exception being the option of grouping all acknowledgments together in bulletins) and must include the word Copyright, the symbol ® the year as found in the copyright notice of the published editions, and the name and city GIA Publications, Inc., Chicago. GIA is the sole American agent for certain copyrights of The Grail (England), Les Presses de Taizé (France), (Wild Goose Worship Group) The Iona Community (Scotland), and The Dameans. When reprinting a copyright belonging to one of these proprietors but administered by GIA, that name will replace GIA after the year in the notice, to be followed by the words used by permission of GIA Publications, Inc., Chicago, exclusive agent.
  4. The sentence All rights reserved is to conclude every notice.
  5. One copy of your reprint must be sent to GIA within 10 days of your use.
  6. GIA reserves the full and exclusive right to determine individual eligibility for this privilege and may rescind or modify this policy at any time with public notice.

For more information on the requirements of this license, please contact GIA at 708-496-3800 or 800-442-1358, or by email at

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