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Psalm 144

1 Blest be the LORD, my rock,

 who trains my hands for battle,

 who prepares my fingers for war.

2 He is my merciful love, my fortress;

 he is my stronghold, my savior,

 my shield in whom I take refuge.

 He brings peoples under my rule.

3 LORD, what is man that you regard him,

 the son of man that you keep him in mind,

 4 man who is merely a breath,

 whose days are like a passing shadow?

5 Lower your heavens, O LORD, and come down.

 Touch the mountains; wreathe them in smoke.

 6 Flash your lightnings; rout the foe.

 Shoot your arrows, and put them to flight.

7 Reach down with your hand from on high;

 rescue me, save me from the mighty waters,

 from the hands of foreign foes

 8 whose mouths speak only emptiness,

 whose hands are raised in perjury.

9 To you, O God, will I sing a new song;

 I will play on the ten-stringed harp

 10 to you who give kings their victory,

 who set David your servant free

 from the evil sword.

11 Rescue me, free me from the hands of foreign foes,

 whose mouths speak only emptiness,

 whose right hands are raised in perjury.

12 Let our sons then flourish like saplings,

 grown tall and strong from their youth;

 our daughters graceful as columns,

 as though they were carved for a palace.

13 Let our barns be filled to overflowing

 with crops of every kind;

 our sheep increasing by thousands,

 tens of thousands in our fields,

 14 our cattle heavy with young.

No ruined wall, no exile,

 no sound of weeping in our streets.

 15 Blessed the people of whom this is true;

 blessed the people whose God is the LORD!

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