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Psalm 140

2 Rescue me, LORD, from evil man;

 from the violent man keep me safe,

 3 from those who plan evil in their hearts,

 and stir up strife every day;

 4 who sharpen their tongue like an adder’s,

 with the poison of viper on their lips.

5 LORD, guard me from the hands of the wicked;

 from the violent keep me safe;

 they plan to make me stumble.

 6 The proud have hidden a trap,

 have spread out lines in a net,

 set snares across my path.

7 I have said to the LORD, “You are my God.”

 Give ear, O LORD, to the cry of my appeal!

 8 LORD, my Lord, my mighty help,

 you shield my head in the battle.

 9 Do not grant, O LORD, the wicked their desire,

 nor let their plots succeed.

10 Those surrounding me lift up their heads.

 Let the malice of their speech overwhelm them.

 11 Let coals of fire rain upon them.

 Let them be flung in the abyss, no more to rise.

 12 Let the slanderer not endure upon the earth.

 Let evil quickly trap the violent!

13 I know the LORD will avenge the poor,

 that he will do justice for the needy.

 14 Truly the just will give thanks to your name;

 the upright shall live in your presence.

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