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Psalm 106

1 Alleluia!

O give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;

 for his mercy endures forever.

 2 Who can tell the LORD’s mighty deeds,

 or recount in full his praise?

3 Blessed are they who observe what is just,

 who at all times do what is right.

 4 O LORD, remember me

 with the favor you show to your people.

Visit me with your saving power,

 5 that I may see the riches of your chosen ones,

 and may rejoice in the gladness of your nation,

 boasting in the glory of your heritage.

6 Like our fathers, we have sinned.

 We have done wrong; our deeds have been evil.

 7 Our forebears, when they were in Egypt,

 did not grasp the meaning of your wonders.

They forgot the great number of your mercies,

 at the Red Sea defied the Most High.

 8 Yet he saved them for the sake of his name,

 in order to make known his power.

9 He rebuked the Red Sea; it dried up,

 and he led them through the deep as through the desert.

 10 He saved them from the hand of the foe;

 he freed them from the grip of the enemy.

11 The waters covered their oppressors;

 not one of them was left.

 12 Then they believed in his words;

 then they sang his praises.

13 But they soon forgot his deeds,

 and would not wait upon his counsel.

 14 They yielded to their cravings in the desert,

 and put God to the test in the wilderness.

15 He granted them the favor they asked,

 but struck them with a wasting disease.

 16 In the camp, they were jealous of Moses,

 and also Aaron, who was holy to the LORD.

17 The earth opened and swallowed up Dathan,

 and buried the clan of Abiram.

 18 Fire blazed up against their clan,

 and flames devoured the wicked.

19 They fashioned a calf at Horeb,

 and worshiped an image of metal;

 20 they exchanged their glory

 for the image of a bull that eats grass.

21 They forgot the God who was their savior,

 who had done such great things in Egypt,

 22 such wonders in the land of Ham,

 such marvels at the Red Sea.

23 For this he said he would destroy them,

 but Moses, the man he had chosen,

 stood in the breach before him,

 to turn back his anger from destruction.

24 Then they scorned the desirable land;

 they had no faith in his word.

 25 They complained inside their tents,

 and did not listen to the voice of the LORD.

26 So he raised his hand to them and swore

 that he would lay them low in the desert,

 27 would disperse their descendants through the nations

 and scatter them throughout the lands.

28 They bowed before the Baal of Peor,

 ate offerings made to lifeless gods.

 29 They roused the LORD to anger with their deeds,

 and a plague broke out among them.

30 Then Phinehas stood up and intervened.

 Thus the plague was ended,

 31 and this was counted to him as righteous

 from age to age forever.

32 They provoked him at the waters of Meribah.

 Through their fault it went ill with Moses,

 33 for they made his spirit grow bitter,

 and he uttered words that were rash.

34 They failed to destroy the peoples,

 as the LORD had commanded them;

 35 instead they mingled with the nations,

 and learned to act as they did.

36 They also served their idols,

 and these became a snare to entrap them.

 37 They even offered their sons

 and their daughters in sacrifice to demons.

38 They poured out innocent blood,

 the blood of their sons and daughters,

 whom they offered to the idols of Canaan.

 The land was polluted with blood.

39 So they defiled themselves by their actions;

 their deeds were those of a harlot.

 40 Then God’s anger blazed against his people;

 he was filled with horror at his heritage.

41 So he handed them over to the nations,

 and their foes became their rulers.

 42 Their enemies also oppressed them;

 they were subdued beneath their hand.

43 Time after time he rescued them,

 but in their malice they dared to defy him

 and were weakened even more by their guilt.

 44 In spite of this he paid heed to their distress,

 so often as he heard their cry.

45 For their sake he remembered his covenant.

 In the greatness of his mercy, he relented,

 46 and he let them be treated with compassion

 by all who held them captive.

47 Save us, O LORD our God!

 And gather us from the nations,

 to give thanks to your holy name,

 and make it our glory to praise you.

* * *

[48] Blest be the LORD, God of Israel,

 forever, from age to age.

 Let all the people say,

 “Amen! Amen! Alleluia!”

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