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Psalm 102

2 O LORD, hear my prayer,

 and let my cry come to you.

 3 Do not hide your face from me

 in the day of my distress.

Turn your ear toward me;

 on the day when I call,

 speedily answer me.

4 For my days are vanishing like smoke;

 my bones burn away like a furnace.

 5 My heart is withered and dried up like the grass.

 I forget to eat my bread.

 6 Because of the sound of my groaning,

 my skin clings to my bones.

7 I have become like a vulture in the desert,

 like an owl among the ruins.

 8 I lie awake and I moan,

 like a bird alone on a roof.

 9 All day long my foes revile me;

 those who deride me use my name as a curse.

10 I have eaten ashes like bread,

 and mingled tears with my drink.

 11 Because of your anger and fury,

 you have lifted me up and thrown me down.

 12 My days are like a fading shadow,

 and I wither away like the grass.

13 But you, O LORD, are enthroned forever,

 and your renown is from age to age.

14 You will arise and take pity on Sion,

 for this is the time to have mercy;

 yes, the time appointed has come.

 15 Behold, your servants love her very stones,

 are moved to pity for her dust.

16 The nations shall fear the name of the LORD,

 and all the earth’s kings your glory.

 17 When the LORD shall build up Sion,

 he will appear in all his glory.

 18 Then he will turn to the prayers of the helpless;

 he will not despise their prayers.

19 Let this be written for ages to come,

 that a people yet unborn may praise the LORD;

 20 The LORD looked down from his holy place on high,

 looked down from heaven to the earth,

 21 to hear the groans of the prisoners,

 and free those condemned to die.

22 May the name of the LORD be proclaimed in Sion,

 and his praise in Jerusalem,

 23 when peoples and kingdoms are gathered as one

 to offer their worship to the LORD.

24 He has broken my strength in midcourse;

 he has shortened my days.

 25 I say: “My God, do not take me away

 before half of my days are complete,

 you, whose days last from age to age.

26 Long ago you founded the earth,

 and the heavens are the work of your hands.

 27 They will perish but you will remain.

 They will all wear out like a garment.

 You will change them like clothes, and they change.

 28 But you are the same, and your years do not end.”

29 The children of your servants shall dwell untroubled,

 and their descendants established before you.

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