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Psalm 94

1 O LORD, avenging God,

 avenging God, shine forth!

 2 Judge of the earth, arise;

 give the proud what they deserve!

3 How long, O LORD, shall the wicked,

 how long shall the wicked triumph?

 4 They bluster with arrogant speech;

 those who do evil boast to each other.

5 They crush your people, LORD;

 and they humble your inheritance.

 6 They kill the widow and the stranger,

 and murder the fatherless child.

7 And they say, “The LORD does not see;

 the God of Jacob pays no heed.”

 8 Mark this, you senseless people;

 fools, when will you understand?

9 Can he who planted the ear not hear?

 Can he who formed the eye not see?

 10 Will he who trains the nations not punish?

 Will he who teaches man not have knowledge?

 11 The LORD knows the plans of man.

 He knows they are no more than a breath.

12 Blessed the man whom you discipline, O LORD,

 whom you train by means of your law;

 13 to whom you give peace in evil days,

 while the pit is being dug for the wicked.

14 The LORD will not abandon his people,

 nor forsake those who are his heritage;

 15 for judgment shall again be just,

 and all true hearts shall uphold it.

16 Who will stand up for me against the wicked?

 Who will defend me from those who do evil?

 17 If the LORD were not to help me,

 my soul would soon go down to the silence.

18 When I think, “I have lost my foothold,”

 your mercy, O LORD, holds me up.

 19 When cares increase in my heart,

 your consolation calms my soul.

20 Can judges who do evil be your friends?

 They do injustice under cover of law;

 21 they attack the life of the just,

 and condemn the innocent to death.

22 As for me, the LORD will be a stronghold;

 my God will be the rock where I take refuge.

 23 He will repay them for their wickedness,

 destroy them for their evil deeds.

 The LORD, our God, will destroy them.

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