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Psalm 77

2 I cry aloud to God,

 cry aloud to God that he may hear me.

3 In the day of my distress I seek the Lord.

 In the night my hands are raised unwearied;

 my soul refuses comfort.

 4 As I remember my God, I groan.

 I ponder, and my spirit faints.

5 You keep my eyes from closing.

 I am troubled, unable to speak.

 6 I think of the days of long ago,

 and remember the years long past.

 7 At night I muse within my heart.

 I ponder, and my spirit questions.

8 “Will the Lord reject us forever?

 Will he show us his favor no more?

 9 Has his mercy vanished forever?

 Has his promise come to an end?

 10 Has God forgotten his mercy,

 or in anger withdrawn his compassion?”

11 I said, “This is what causes my grief:

 that the right hand of the Most High has changed.”

 12 I remember the deeds of the LORD,

 I remember your wonders of old;

 13 I muse on all your works,

 and ponder your mighty deeds.

14 Your way, O God, is in the holy place.

 What god is as great as our God?

 15 You are the God who works wonders.

 Among the peoples you showed your power.

 16 Your strong arm redeemed your people,

 the descendants of Jacob and Joseph.

17 The waters saw you, O God,

 the waters saw you and anguished.

 Yes, the depths were moved to tremble.

 18 The clouds poured down with rain.

 The skies sent forth their voice;

 Your arrows flashed to and fro.

19 Your thunderous voice was in the whirlwind;

 your flashes lighted up the world.

 The earth was moved and trembled.

 20 Your way was through the sea,

 your path through the mighty waters,

 but the trace of your steps was not seen.

21 You guided your people like a flock

 by the hand of Moses and Aaron.

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