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Psalm 55

2 Give ear, O God, to my prayer;

 do not hide from my pleading.

 3 Attend to me and reply;

 with my cares, I cannot rest.

4 I tremble at the shouts of the foe,

 at the cries of the wicked,

 for they pile up evil upon me;

 in anger they malign me.

5 My heart is stricken within me;

 death’s terror falls upon me.

 6 Trembling and fear come over me,

 and horror overwhelms me.

7 I say, “O that I had wings like a dove,

 to fly away and be at rest!

 8 I would indeed escape far away,

 and take refuge in the desert.

 9 I shall await him who saves me

 from the raging wind and tempest.”

10 Engulf and confuse their speech, O Lord,

 for I see violence and strife in the city!

 11 Night and day they patrol its walls.

 In its midst are wickedness and evil.

12 Destruction lies within it.

 Its streets are never free

 from tyranny and deceit.

13 If an enemy made taunts against me,

 I could bear it.

 If my rival had risen against me,

 I could hide from him.

14 But it is you, as my equal, my friend,

 whom I knew so well,

 15 with whom I enjoyed friendly counsel!

 We walked together in harmony

 in the house of God.

16 May death fall suddenly upon them!

 Let them go down alive to the grave,

 for wickedness dwells in their homes,

 and deep in their hearts.

17 As for me, I will cry to God,

 and the LORD will save me.

 18 Evening, morning, and at noon,

 I will cry and lament,

 and he will hear my voice.

19 He will redeem my soul in peace

 in the attack against me,

 for those who fight me are many.

20 God, who is enthroned forever,

 will hear them and humble them.

 For they will not amend their ways;

 they have no fear of God.

21 The traitor has turned against his friends;

 he has broken his pact.

 22 His speech is softer than butter,

 but war is in his heart.

 His words are smoother than oil,

 but they are swords unsheathed.

23 Entrust your cares to the LORD,

 and he will support you.

 He will never allow

 the just man to stumble.

24 But you will bring them down, O God,

 to the pit of death:

 the bloodthirsty and the liars

 shall not live even half their days.

 But I, I will trust in you, O Lord.

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