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Psalm 48

2 Great is the LORD and highly to be praised

 in the city of our God.

 3 His holy mountain rises in beauty,

 the joy of all the earth.

Mount Sion, in the heart of the North,

 the city of the Mighty King!

 4 God, in the midst of its citadels,

 has shown himself its stronghold.

5 Behold! the kings assembled;

 together they advanced.

 6 They saw; at once they marveled;

 dismayed, they fled in fear.

7 A trembling seized them there,

 anguish, like pangs in giving birth,

 8 as when the east wind shatters

 the ships of Tarshish.

9 As we have heard, so we have seen

 in the city of our God,

 in the city of the LORD of hosts,

 which God establishes forever.

10 Your merciful love, O God,

 we ponder in your temple.

 11 Your praise, O God, like your name,

 reaches the ends of the earth.

Your right hand is filled with saving justice.

 12 Mount Sion rejoices.

 The daughters of Judah rejoice

 at the sight of your judgments.

13 Walk through Sion, walk all around her;

 count the number of her towers.

 14 Consider all her ramparts;

 examine her castles,

That you may tell the next generation

 15 that such is our God,

 our God forever and always.

 He will guide us forever.

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