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Psalm 40

2 I waited, I waited for the LORD,

 and he stooped down to me;

 he heard my cry.

3 He drew me from the deadly pit,

 from the miry clay.

 He set my feet upon a rock,

 made my footsteps firm.

4 He put a new song into my mouth,

 praise of our God.

 Many shall see and fear

 and shall trust in the LORD.

5 Blessed the man who has placed

 his trust in the LORD,

 and has not gone over to the proud

 who follow false gods.

6 How many, O LORD my God,

 are the wonders and designs

 that you have worked for us;

 you have no equal.

 Should I wish to proclaim or speak of them,

 they would be more than I can tell!

7 You delight not in sacrifice and offerings,

 but in an open ear.

 You do not ask for holocaust and victim.

8 Then I said, “See, I have come.”

 In the scroll of the book it stands written of me:

 9 “I delight to do your will, O my God;

 your instruction lies deep within me.”

10 Your justice I have proclaimed

 in the great assembly.

 My lips I have not sealed;

 you know it, O LORD.

11 Your saving help I have not hidden in my heart;

 of your faithfulness and salvation I have spoken.

 I made no secret of your merciful love

 and your faithfulness to the great assembly.

12 O LORD, you will not withhold

 your compassion from me.

 Your merciful love and your faithfulness

 will always guard me.

13 For I am beset with evils

 too many to be counted.

 My iniquities have overtaken me,

 till I can see no more.

 They are more than the hairs of my head,

 and my heart is sinking.

14 Be pleased, O LORD, to rescue me;

 LORD, make haste to help me.

 15 O let there be shame and confusion

 on those who seek my life.

O let them turn back in confusion

 who delight in my harm.

 16 Let them be appalled because of their shame,

 those who jeer and mock me.

17 O let there be rejoicing and gladness

 for all who seek you.

 Let them ever say, “The LORD is great,”

 who long for your salvation.

18 Wretched and poor though I am,

 the Lord is mindful of me.

 You are my rescuer, my help;

 O my God, do not delay.

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